The deaths of newborns at District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital in Sargodha depicts the apathy of doctors and government’s disappointing performance in the health sector. Insufficient medical facilities like absence of oxygen, dearth of incubators and negligence by the staff are being held responsible for raising the infant mortality toll to 88 in the previous 51 days. However, the Punjab chapter of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has warned the provincial government to go on strike in all public hospitals, if actions are taken against the medical team. Moreover, the hospital management has denied the allegations of mishandling.

Overcrowded wards, unclean surroundings and non-functioning equipment are almost synonymous with all government hospitals. Worse still, doctors rarely visit the hospitals because they are too busy in running their personal clinics, teaching in medical institutions or serving private hospitals where they are rewarded with handsome salaries. To curb the issue, the government should pay attention to the rotten conditions of public hospitals. Furthermore doctors need to honor their noble profession by saving innocent lives, rather than focusing only on making money.


Karachi, January 5.