ISLAMABAD - Taking notice of the growing disagreement over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) among the political stakeholders in Pakistan, China hoped for early removal of the irritants and evolving of consensus on it.
The spokesman of Chinese Embassy yesterday said that China hoped that the relevant parties in Pakistan could strengthen communication and coordination on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor to create favorable conditions for CPEC.
Commenting on the recent developments and discord surfaced on the Western Route of the project, the spokesman of Chinese Embassy said: “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the consensus reached between China and Pakistan, and has won popular support from the two peoples.”
“CPEC faces Pakistan as a whole, and will bring development and benefits to the people of Pakistan,” he further said, adding; “We hope that relevant parties could strengthen communication and coordination, solve differences properly, so as to create favorable conditions for CPEC.
“We are ready to work with Pakistani side to actively promote construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects and bring tangible benefits to the peoples of the two countries,” the spokesman concluded.