ISLAMABAD:  Construction of “illegal houses” and commercial establishments is continuing unabated in different areas, along the Murree Expressway without any check by the Murree administration.

According to sources, the Special Branch of Police, Rawalpindi, in a report, informed the Commissioner Rawalpindi and the Punjab Government that illegal construction was being carried out in Sulkhaitar, Manga, Phri Saimbli, Bostal, Awain, Khajat Lakot, Misari and Mohra Batnara along the Murree Expressway , without fear of any action from the administration.

The sources said that the modus operandi of land grabbers was that they first constructed a mosque along with shops and then built their houses. They even demand donations for the construction of mosques and have displayed banners and erected sign boards for the purpose.

According to reports from the area, some seven “illegal” mosques have been built in different areas along the Murree Expressway so far.

It may be added that Deputy Coordination Officer Rawalpindi Sajid Zafar Dal has recently visited the area and got removed the sign boards pertaining to the mosques’ construction.