KARACHI: Police on Sunday refused to hand over the three kids found from Orangi Town to the social media fame Alamgir Khan.

Police refused him saying that the kids cannot be handed to anyone. without the permission of their parents.

Alamgir Khan, who had earned fame by campaigning against open manholes in Karachi had announced to take care of the kids, but when he arrived at the police station to take the custody of the kids, police refused him entrance in the police station. Alamgir says that he wants to take the custody of the kids and look after them.

The people in the neighbourhood say that keeping the kids at the police station isn’t right and they should either be handed over to their parents or some welfare organization.

On the other hand, police told that the parents of the kids have been contacted and they are ready to take them back. The kids will be handed over to their parents soon.

Police found the kids sleeping at Kachra Kundi in Orangi Town . The kids said their parents forced them to labour. The kids included 8-year-old Zubair, 7-year-old Sahir and 9-year-old Siddique. The kids said that their parents told them to leave studies and start working.

Police said that the parents of the kids were still being looked for. Fix-it campaign fame Alamgir announced on social media that he will be taking care of the kids.