Housing societies such as CDA, DHA, LDA are statutory organizations, created through legislation, making it obligatory upon them to serve people of Pakistan in transparent manner in accordance with rules in existence and laws of natural justice enshrined in Constitution. What were supposed to be either welfare colonies for deserving, or regulatory authorities, overseeing construction and development of safe residential housing societies with clearly defined areas for all civic amenities such as education, health, sanitation, provision of clean drinking water, transportation etc for taxpaying citizens and those who were to be specific beneficiaries were reduced to commercial ventures hostage to vested groups and land mafia in nexus with powerful paid civil or uniformed bureaucracy.

The unfortunate reality is that whenever these housing societies have announced distribution of plots through open balloting for general public, they have never delivered them to those, who placed confidence in their credibility and deposited all installments which they were asked to do. In 1989 CDA placed advertisements inviting citizens of Pakistan to apply for plots in E12/4 and till today those declared successful, having deposited all demanded installments are still waiting even after 26 years have elapsed. Similarly DHA Valley Islamabad sought applications from citizens of Pakistan in 2008 for plots through balloting and after receiving 11 installments deferred last installment due in august 2011, on flimsy grounds. This callous irresponsible criminal role of statutory housing societies has shattered confidence of citizens of Pakistan in state organizations. One hopes that NA, Senate, Interior Minister and PM would intervene to reprimand CDA, while GHQ takes immediate steps in case of DHA Valley to restore trust of law abiding citizens.


Lahore, December 6.