The US president Barack Obama responded to the Paris terror assault as “an attack on the civilized world”. Somewhat similar response came from other world leaders who expressed immense anguish over the terrible incident that claimed 130 innocent lives. There is absolutely no justification of such barbaric acts against the innocent civilians of any nation. Heart cries over the agony of the victims and their dear-ones. It was ISIS (Daesh) that claimed the responsibility of this attack. The US, France and allies unanimously pledged to fight the menace of ISIS by all possible means to make the world a better place.

Obama’s ‘civilized-world’ has probably gone into amnesia or it is getting excessively hypocritical. As a matter of fact, there was no indication of ISIS before the holy invasion of Iraq by the divine forces of the coalition. Bush and Tony Blair wanted to liberate Iraqi people from the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein, who was developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that were threat to the world peace. In the hunt for WMD, the ‘civilized-world’ killed a million innocent Iraqis including women and children but they never found the most-wanted weapons of mass destruction. Power vacuum emerged out of the massive turmoil. Iraq became a safe haven for Jihadi outfits attracting more recruits to revenge US and partners for senseless massacre of civilians. All these factors, withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq, and civil war in Syria, laid the foundations of a monster, the ISIS, as confessed by Tony and Bush in recent interviews.

The ‘civilized-world’ continued with the implementation of their aggressive foreign policy to meet their vested interests under the cover of saving humanity from evil. Their next target was Syria. With the help of Sunni Arab States they created ‘free Syrian army’ (FSA) to overthrow Bashar’s Shia regime that was supported by Iran and Russia. This turned into a worst Sunni-Shia civil war. In this web of uncertainties the coalition had no control over their arms & ammunition going to ISIS that was actually sanctioned for FSA. In fact, many renowned strategic analysts believe that CIA is arming and funding ISIS owing to their common objectives. Russian president Putin recently bashed Obama administration for actively sponsoring ISIS. Some ground facts also point towards this direction. For example, a major source of revenue for ISIS is oilfields operating under their control, but coalition forces never bomb them. Neither do they take serious measures to stop oil smuggling to other countries. Some coalition partners are also allegedly involved in taking this oil. Even fools know that cutting enemy’s supply line is the first move in war. Anyway, according to a careful estimate, more than 300,000 people have been killed in Syria including women and children since 2011. The number of wounded, homeless and refugees is in millions.

Neither Saddam was developing WMD nor Bashar is a threat to the world peace. It’s all about controlling the Middle Eastern resources, energy corridors and gas pipeline routes, as well as setting up geostrategic bases by installing puppet regimes for long term imperialistic designs. Syria has major gas pipelines and energy routes that may connect Europe with Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the one hand and with Iran at the other hand. Similarly, Iraq is a big exporter of oil to the world markets. Today Iraqi government is dancing at the tones of US & allies, and their companies are flourishing with Iraqi fuel.

Without going into the details of what ISIS is and where it did erupt from, it’s an absolute reality that ISIS is a direct or indirect outcome of the policies of US and allies in the region. These policies are meant for securing vested economic and strategic interests by toppling, replacing and controlling regimes. The big powers are fighting proxy wars by giving arms and ammunition to their respective pawns, exploiting their ignorance and sectarian differences. The ultimate losers are the millions of innocent men, women and children who were either buried under the tons of debris, left paralyzed to live a miserable life, or remained homeless wandering across international borders for shelter.

The ‘civilized-world’ has a long history of achieving objectives in the most callous and brutal ways. They first create a monster that fights their proxy war. Then they eliminate that monster to take on another shot. History of Osama bin Laden is not so old. He was the world’s most wanted terrorist and was killed in 2011 after a long pursuit. But he was initially trained, equipped and sponsored by the civilized world to fight against the Soviet Union in 80s. Not a single Afghani was involved in 9/11 incident, but Afghanistan was bombed into rubbles to punish Taliban for hosting Osama. These Taliban were actually the ‘Mujahidin’, the heroes of the civilized world, trained and armed during Afghan jihad. The pathetic irony is that after killing hundreds of thousands of civilians by carpet bombing, US and allies are back on the negotiating table with Taliban and giving pacifying statements to seek their goodwill. The hypocrisy is on its zenith.

The Obama’s ‘civilized-world’ needs to understand that Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani people are as biological humans as are Americans and Europeans. Syrian women love their children as much as French ladies do. The pain, agony and misery of losing dear-ones is equally realized by all humans. We are sorrowful at the loss of innocent lives of the western world in occasional incidents. But these incidents are the consequence of their aggressive interventions in foreign lands to cause regime-change via dirty proxy wars or direct invasions. The more collateral damage the coalition forces cause in senseless bombing, the more recruiting grounds are they preparing for ISIS. The civilized world cries lurid and hoarse, lit candles and changes DP’s over a few casualties in their homes, but remain callous and senseless over a MILLION deaths. Only French bombing reportedly killed many civilians including children while attacking ISIS hideouts in Syria after Paris attack. The double standard of the western world towards the sanctity of human life is pathetic. Quite recently, Tony Blair admitted overtly that Iraq war was a mistake and it was based on false intelligence. If there is an iota of honor and prestige left in the ‘civilized-world’, they should trial Bush and Tony in war crimes.

 The writer is a scientist and teaches Physics at a university in Lahore.