LAHORE - An exhibition of paintings of Lahore Arts Council’s Alhamra Cultural Complex students started yesterday at Alhamra Art Gallery.

As many as 77 artworks are on display. A large number of people from all different walks of life attended the exhibition. Lahore Art Council executive director Atta Muhammad Khan inaugurated the exhibition. He said that Alhamra Arts Council provided both theory and practical knowledge to its students. “Our students are being taught about the basic to the advanced level of paintings so they could nourish their art according to the true colours in paintings.”

“Seeking knowledge and learning should be continued throughout the life and it sharpens the art with the passage of time,” Atta Muhammad said that. 

Visitors appreciated the work of young artists. Baber Mustafa and Imrana who teach painting classes at Alhamra Cultural Complex said that students eagerly seek the basic of paintings and the result was infront of everyone. Renowned poet Amjad Islam Amjad was also present on the occasion and appreciated the wart works of the students.

The exhibition will continue till January 12, 2017.