Hundreds of thousands are protesting on the streets in South Korea demanding the resignation and trial of President Park for giving inappropriate access, to her close friend, to state contracts worth billions. She is guilty of a conflict of interest, abusing her office to give undue favors to close friends for commercial contracts. Similar protests are taking place in South Africa where President Zuma faces similar charges following allegations of influence peddling, fraud and spending colossal amounts of money on his personal real estate, declaring it as a camp office, under name of security. 

In Pakistan, the sitting PM, like his predecessors Zardari, Musharraf etc, have all defiantly misused their offices to promote their commercial business interests through front men and close relatives by granting them undue favours. When a country allows its public office holders, to hold office in spite of fact that their family and assets are located abroad, such abuses would continue to devour the economy. Can Nawaz Sharif justify the presence of an American national, involved in commercial business ventures sitting next to him when he went to UN last year? What justification is there for his children and his next of kin, involved in private business ventures, to accompany him on his foreign tours? 

It is an accepted ethic of governance that those holding elected or paid public offices cannot be involved in private business ventures during their tenure. Almost every businessman politician has been involved in scams such as Berlusconi of Italy or the Thaksin Shinawatra. 


Malaysia, November 16.