ISLAMABAD - A newly formed four-member medical board has corroborated torture marks on the body of 10-year-old housemaid Tayyaba, allegedly tormented by her employers.

The medical board of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) comprising Dr Tariq Iqbal, Dr Hameed-ud-Din, Dr SH Waqar and Asima Khan re-examined the victim, who was recovered a day earlier after her father reportedly settled the matter with her employer, a sessions judge and his wife, who had tortured his daughter— and affirmed the previous medical report and found additional wound marks on her back, a hospital source told The Nation on Monday.

An official also said that the new medical report confirmed wound marks on Tayyaba’s body.

“Multiple marks of torture and contact wounds were found on the body of the girl,” he said.

He said that the girl was psychologically stable but was under stress and gradually recovering from the trauma as mentioned in the report. According to the official, torture wounds were found on her arm, legs, back and around eyes.

“These marks include burn and other physical wounds,” the official said.  Earlier, the victim girl along with her parents Mohammad Azam and Nusrat Bibi were brought to the PIMS for medical examination and DNA tests to ascertain her parentage.

The victim was re-examined for nearly an hour by the head of the Burn Centre, a plastic surgeon, an assistant professor of general surgery and a psychologist.

Dr Tariq Iqbal, who was heading the medical board , said that some wounds found on the girl’s body were still fresh while some had healed.

“Marks of contact wounds were found on her body and she was also repeatedly changing her statement regarding the torture,” he said.

Dr Tariq also said that the board re-examined the girl entirely notwithstanding the initial torture information provided by police in the previous report.

Meanwhile, PIMS Vice-Chancellor Dr Javed Akram said that the medical team will not give in to any pressure from any quarter and maintain transparency.

“The victim is just 10 and she is changing her statement but we will wrap up our conclusion fairly,” he said.

He also said that the hospital will also complete the DNA tests of the girl and other claimants in a few days to ascertain the blood relation.  A source told The Nation that both reports will not contradict each other and the new report will be used as supportive evidence.

“Torture could not be determined or concluded only by a medical report because the police will investigate the matter and decide whether or not it was torture,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the hospital administration also took DNA samples of two more couples and a woman, claiming to be the grandmother of the girl. Mohammad Riaz and Roshan Bibi, residents of Toba Tek Singh, approached the police with a claim that the victim girl was their missing daughter ‘Ayesha.’

“We gave our daughter for work but we were told by the family that she was kidnapped,” said Riaz. Similarly, Ghulam Yasin and Mumtaz Bibi, residents of Layyah, claimed that the girl was their missing daughter ‘Nadia,’ who they had handed over to a family for Rs4,000 per month wage.

“The house owner told us a year back that Nadia had been kidnapped. We have come here to identify her,” said Yasin.

Both the couple was not sure about the identity of their daughter.  Around five families mostly from central and southern Punjab have surfaced claiming to be the real parents of the girl.

The hospital administration has collected DNA samples of all the claimants for test and the report is likely to come in a few days.