The All Pakistan Meat Processors & Exporters Association (APMEA) has urged the government to take notice of reasons behind declining halal meat exports and announce an incentive package for this industry which, if supported, can help national exports taking a giant leap. 

APMEA Chairman Nasib Ahmad Saifi claimed that halal meat exports have fallen by 43 percent from September to November 2017 as compared to the same period of the year 2016. He claimed that the industry was in hot waters because of different issues coupled with surprise checking from authorities of various importing countries. He alleged that the government agencies working to support the industry had no clue of these surprise checking. 

He claimed that due to the worst situation, ten meat processing, and slaughtering units had been closed down including two chicken meat processing units and eight red meat processing units. 

Saifi also claimed that billions of rupees were stuck in different Arab countries against the importers and defaulting companies were not even replying to their letters. He urged the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and other government agencies to take notice of this situation and bring the meat exporting units from the liquidity crunch they were facing because of this default. 

He was of the view that all the exporting sectors should be given incentives in line with the facilities being extended to the textile sector. He said that supporting exports sector would not only create new job opportune also add to the revenue of the government. 

Saifi said he had recently submitted some proposals to the Ministry of Food Security & Research for enhancing exports from Pakistan which include abolishing live animal export quota as instead of its export of value products can help the government earn mo prices in international markets rather than selling live animals at a low value. 

The energy cost is one of a very important segment in our input cost. Thus, it is requested that the electricity should be provided at a subsidized rate to this sector as is being given to textile, the APMPE Association chairman added. 

He claimed that production of livestock is rapidly decreasing because of slaughtering of female animals. For the short-term gains, female animals are being slaughtered which harms the animal and milk production growth rates. 

A ban on their slaughtering should be imposed, and a mechanism should also be framed for effective implementation. 

Concluding his remarks, Saifi said in proposed livestock zones in Cholistan area of the province. Actual owners of meat processing and export units must be allotted land for livestock farming so that they can enhance their capacity and production of meat, he further suggested. 


Lahore, January 6.