The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Chairman Brig Muhammad Aslam Khan (r) on Thursday said that the extension in the life of military courts is necessary for the national security as the menace of terrorism is not over.

“The military courts have helped reduce terrorism substantially which has improved the security situation, the image of the country and the economy but the decisive victory is yet to be achieved,” it said.

Brig Muhammad Aslam Khan (r) also said that this is a matter of life and death for the country, therefore, the political parties should take a decision in the broader national interest rising above the unimportant considerations.

He said that opposing extension in the duration of military courts amounts to supporting the terrorists which is against the national interests as it will make the life of masses miserable and put additional pressure on the economy.

Increased terrorism will deter investment and promote flight of capital which will hit our economy hard adding to the problems of the poor, he warned.