CM LOS ANGELES - Anne Hathaway has revealed she combats stress and anxiety by setting her negative thoughts on fire

The 36-year-old star has revealed the usual way she fights against anxiety, as she recommends the idea of sending the bad ''energy'' up in flames.

Speaking in Town & Country magazine's February issue, she explained: ''Set a timer on your phone, have a candle nearby, and write it all down. You spew it all out. You do not read it. The timer goes off, you tear it out of the book, and you light it on fire. Literally on fire. All of this energy, this angst, this rage - everything is smoke.''

Anne - whose husband Adam Shulman and their two-year-old son Jonathan play a big part in her life to keep happy and healthy - also revealed how social media has helped her.

Discussing the impact Instagram has had on her life, she said: ''Having the ability to do something on my own terms has been good for me. It has allowed me to calm down and communicate in a way that's more clear.''

However, the 'Ocean's 8' star added while she limits her time on the app to just 15 minutes a day, she also sends the captions and snaps to someone else, and reassesses them an hour later before they are finally posted.

She added: ''That way I look at it with fresh eyes. Because once it's out there, it's out there.''

There is still negativity with some followers on the photo-sharing platform, and last summer Anne spoke out to shut down body shamers for their cruel comments.

Sharing a video on the site, she later said: ''It sounds kind of sad to say, I just wanted to enjoy my summer and let everyone know that I'm living in my body and I'm happy with my body, and if my body is different than what you're used to, or what you think it should be, that's [your experience]. My experience is mine, and I'm loving it.''