ISLAMABAD  -   The Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) have failed to establish their writ and to take action against the violators under relevant sections of the law and limited themselves to just issuing public notices during the year 2018.

In all the cases, the approach adopted by the CDA and MCI was unrealistic and non-serious as the violators were asked to end the illegality within hours. The occupants of the state land were asked to vacate the state land within one-week time without any concrete strategy and plan to remove the same. 

The CDA had decided to take over the possession of acquired land from the illegal occupants at Mauza Dhrek Mohri, Bhakar Akku, Bakar Fateh Baksh, Bara Dari, Siri Siral and Golra falling in sector E-12 of the city. Public Notice was served to the illegal occupants as all compensation and rehabilitation benefits have already been given to the affectees of these mauzas.

The illegal occupants were directed to vacate the sector within seven days from the issuance of the notice. The CDA’s director Land and Rehabilitation warned the occupants that CDA will take over the possession forcibly and legal action would be taken against the violators under the CDA Ordinance 1960. However, nothing happened; neither the occupants vacated the land nor the CDA took any action against the violators.

In another such case, the MCI in November 2018, issued notice to the residents of the areas located along the Simly Dam Road (UC-8 Tumair and UC-7 Pind Begwal) of Islamabad to disconnect all illegal water connections taken from the main Simly conduction lines and warned of the operation for disconnection of these illegal connections. The notice issued by the MCI said that the operation would start in start of December 2018 and the expenditure incurred in this regard would be recovered as risk and cost of the violators. The MCI also warned of violators of registration of FIRs for the theft of water but nothing happened as the illegal connections from the main Simly dam conduction line are still intact and the authorities did not move against the illegality.

In yet another case, Director Enforcement CDA issued a notice to the owners of buildings including high-rise, commercial, industrial, institutional, government buildings and residential units to remove encroachments from the land of CDA as footpaths and obstruction of roads. The notice also asked the owners to remove barbed wire from around the CDA land and around the buildings and sheds.

The Enforcement directorate also asked the owners to remove security apparatus and construction of garden on the CDDA land. The owners were asked in their own interest to remove the encroachments from CDA land within 3 days of the publication of the notice and that they will not be given more time for the same. However, nothing changed on the ground nor the CDA initiated action against the violators. 

Similarly, Deputy Director Water Supply MCI asked the owners of all unapproved service stations to close the facility within 3 days of the publication of a public notice otherwise they will be sealed.

Apart from this, the owners of the approved service stations were asked to install recycling plants immediately. The notice warned that those not complying with the notice would be proceeded against under the relevant laws. Nothing changed on ground despite lapse of months. The cases suggest that the CDA and MCI have miserably failed to move against the violators.