LAHORE - Leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz Sharif has said the helicopter case against Prime Minister Imran Khan is a test case for NAB to see whether the bureau has capacity to stand against the PM.

While talking to media at Punjab Assembly premises here yesterday Hamza Shehbaz also asked the Prime Minister Imran Khan to form a JIT on the money of his sister Aleema Khan if he has courage for across the board accountability. He said the tales Imran Khan was telling to the audience standing on the container are turning out to be false one by one. No matter how lie you tell, people will certainly hold accountable, he added addressing PM Khan.

He strongly criticized the government and said, tax collection in Punjab today stood at 27 per cent and Rs450billion cut has been made on the development budget of the province. Former Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif did for South Punjab in real sense of the word while the PTI performance is in words only. He also took offence of the Ministers remarks of terming Metro Train a ‘white elephant’ in the perspective of Chinese investment on the project. He said the government is not incapable of even completing the project and endorsed the Supreme Court observation that the government is incompetent and worthless.

Hamza said growth rate which the PML-N government had left at 6 per cent stood at three percent today while the dollar was all time high against rupee, and exports are declining.

He said the national economy today is on the ventilator after Pakistan rating has been dropped to B category by the world class three companies. He said his Party government had left the foreign reserves at $23billion which today had declined to $11/12billion and the stock market plunged to the lowest. Loadshedding has returned to the country and the country is being presented like a bagger in the world, he added.