ISLAMABAD  -   Although the government and opposition have amicably resolved the issue of formation of the Public Accountability Committee, the matter of constituting standing committees of the National Assembly has still not been resolved.

Both sides could able to constitute only standing committee on Law and Justice in around four months time period.

In order to break the deadlock, parliamentary sources said, the government would constitute rest of the standing committees in the upcoming National Assembly session.

The legislative business of National Assembly is pending due to non-formation of parliamentary bodies.

Earlier, the opposition side was not giving names of its representatives for standing committees as they were adamant to make Shehbaz Sharif as chairman PAC.

The government side after the stint of four months accepted the stance of opposition and Shehbaz Sharif was unanimously elected as chairman PAC.

Sources said that the opposition parties have shared the names with National Assembly Secretariat for its representation in the standing committee. The speaker National Assembly may announce the formation of the standing committee by the mid of this month, said sources.

According to the rules, members of the committees are to be elected by the National Assembly within 30 days after election of Leader of the House (Prime Minister).

The election for Leader of the House was held on August 17, so deadline of 30 days provided in the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business expired on August 18.

The deadline, according to rules and procedures and conduct of the business in the House, has also been expired last year (September 18, 2018). Parliamentary experts said that the legislative business of National Assembly including bills introduced in the house will be discussed in the parliamentary bodies after its formation.