KHANEWAL - The government is taking revolutionary steps to provide basic facilities at all DHQ Hospitals and THQ Hospitals of the Punjab, said Deputy Commissioner Ashfaq Ahmad Ch. He said that DHQ Hospital Khanewal has been directly attached with Mepco express electricity supply feeder; and this feeder is exempted from loadshedding and low voltage issues. He added that the project had been completed at a cost of Rs16.3 million which was provided by the district administration. He further added that the project had been completed by the Project Management Unit of Mepco.

The DC told the media that the project would help overcome the issue of loadshedding on a permanent basis in DHQ hospital. “The patients of the DHQ hospital will feel relaxed and treatment/surgical operations and other activities will be carried out without any break,” he pointed out. On this occasion, Deputy Director (tech)/ Xen M&T, Mepco, Siddique Khan was also present to monitor the proceedings. The civil society and the religious and political circles of the district appreciated the efforts of the deputy commissioner for the attachment of DHQ hospital with express feeder of Mepco.