Ice is a chemical drug that is easily available in the form of white crystals, Ice-drug among youngsters has increased exponentially. The curse of ice is growing rapidly. The university going students are getting addicted to ice-drug, it has been using to get rid of mental troubles, burdens, anxiety and depression, usually using in posh areas of Karachi.

Ice-drug stimulate the brain, keeps the person distracted from lethargy and lead to hallucinations. Many people have become dependent on it and too many have died as a result if abusers of ice-drug doesn’t get drugs then they commit suicide. Ice-drug sent by the Baluchistan to the Karachi and it is also supplied through the social media groups, if we really want to break this chain, then University administration should take serious steps in the all campuses’ premises should be made smoke free zones, foster awareness among the youth through different awareness programs and parents should take care of their children & their activities otherwise society would face drastic outcome.


Karachi, January 3.