BEIRUT - Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri suggested on Wednesday to postpone the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit. “The head of parliament suggested to postpone the summit which will witness weak participation by Arab countries because of the absence of a government in Lebanon,” Ali Bazzi, a parliament member, was quoted as saying by the National News Agency.

Berri also insisted that Syria should take part in the summit.

However, Syria will not be capable of taking part in the summit because the Arab League passed a decree on Nov. 12, 2011 that suspends Syria’s membership.

The Arab League said it frozed Syria’s membership because its government failed to stop violence against civilian protesters back in 2011.

Political parties close to Syria have been pushing Lebanon to invite Syria to Beirut’s summit, but Syria’s membership in the Arab League must be restored for it.

The summit organized by the Arab League is concerned primarily with developmental issues in the Arab world which is scheduled on Jan. 19-20 in Lebanese capital Beirut.