LAHORE - Punjab Information Minister Fayyazul Hasan Chohan has said Imran Khan took over power in a situation when the country was passing through very difficult times.

However, he believes that the PTI government would be able to solve all problems in the shortest possible time after which the life of the common man will become much better.

Addressing a seminar on ‘Challenges facing country and their solution’ at the Hameed Niazmi Press Institute of Pakistan on Wednesday, he criticised the past rulers’ style of governance and held them responsible for the problems being faced by people at present.

Senior journalist Dilawar Chaudhry, Dr Sughra Sadaf, Mian Habib, Salman Abid and HNPIP Director Saifullah Sipra also addressed.

Explaining the situation the country is passing through at present, Mr Chohan said the country is under a debt of $96billion, steel mill is closed, PIA is running into loss, exports stand at $38billion only.

The prime minister, he said, is having to walk on a tight rope to grapple with the multiple problems.  He praised Saudi Arabia, China and UAE for extending Pakistan a much-needed financial assistance in a difficult period.

He defended the loans the PTI government is taking from other countries. There is a lot of difference between the loan taken in the past and now.  No money would go into the personal accounts of anyone in power, the information minister said.

He said all institutions should work within the limits defined by the Constitution.

About the accountability, the minister said it was across the board and there would be no sacred cows. Likewise, he held out an assurance, there would be no nepotism. He was all praise for the late Majid Nizami for the services he rendered to the country. Also, he said, he deserved appreciation for adhering to the Pakistan Ideology.

Dr Sughra Sadaf said prosperity of individuals would lead to the progress of the country. She was all praise for the information minister because of his straight-forwardness. World Columnists Club Chairman Dilawar Chaudhry advised the information minister to keep cool in all situations. He said the PTI government would have to change the mindset of the nation.

He underlined the need for a new narrative. The participants praised the services of the late Absar Abdul Ali and prayed for his pardon in the hereafter.