Do you ever get a fleeting thought inside your mind about the reality of your life? Have you ever come across a moment where you suspect yourself of leading a false life? Are you the one being yourself or just posing yourself? These are the questions which pop up in our heart for a very little period but unfortunately most of us do not pay heed. The time we are living in is the era of competition. A competition that has made us look upon others and then compare with us. In this activity we are spending all our days and nights. All our efforts are directed towards being better than others. But in all these times one thing we ignore harshly is ‘me’.

We forget that ‘me’ is the first thing to be addressed. To ask yourself had I achieved what suits ‘me’? Had I accomplished what satisfies ‘me’? Had I attained a level up than the earlier ‘me’. No, we never do that. Today every one of us is concerned only about getting a step forward than others. But no one is focused about competing their own selves.

This is what should be called a ‘lie’ and not a ‘life’. Where our priorities are standardized as per other’s preferences, our goals are not ours, our desires are not ours. Even our happiness is not our own. We pose fake smiles for others but we forget that this smile should be more comforting to our own self.

Life is the name of joy, liveliness, sadness, hard work but these essences are worthy when they really influence and relate us. If we are not willing to address our ambitions and happiness who is going to? We must stop deceiving ourselves and think of ‘living’ our lives rather than ‘spending’. We live every day and we should make our everyday ‘our’ real one.