LAHORE          -           Pakistan’s passionate Sufi singer Maham Suhail’s ‘Sajjan Yaar’ music video digital will be released today.

Talking to The Nation from Spain on Thursday, Maham said: “The unique aspects of my Sajjan Yaar video are that it went through a few changes of decisions for directors, and I am very happy with the director, production crew and digital agency that I eventually found, just a few months ago. Raphay Shahzad, a dear old friend, a vocalist/songwriter himself, and through this project, I discovered his immense strong will and strength as a director.

“It was a very emotional experience for us all involved, as we shot in tough locations on Sophist Production’s RAW (Mini-Ursa) video camera, between slippery rocks, monsoon humidity, tough rocks and waterfalls. It was all my idea, the location, as I am a nature and adventure lover, and my concept revolves around spiritual evolution and transcendence attained through a journey of that longing to connect with the Beloved.

There is some mystical symbolism in some of the scenes, where elements like water, rockface, greenery, convey inner human conditions,” she added.

It has been interesting how this song has been so appreciated both Eastern and Western audiences alike, including music industry people. I look forward to a good release, Insha Allah,” Maham concluded.