LAHORE     -        Pakistani actress MawraHocanehas spoken out about her battle with anxiety in a lengthy post on Instagram.

She took to Instragram and wrote: “We all have our days of weakness & breakdowns, I am lucky my job allows me to express my grief on screen,” before revealing that she has been diagnosed with anxiety for a year now. “It’s been over a year since I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety & I’m no longer embarrassed of it. It’s a part of me like the sky is blue but I’m definitely better equipped to deal with it as I’m growing with it & beginning to understand it,” she explained.

Mawra also revealed how she copes with her panic attacks a year on. “I don’t run away from my friends & family when I’m having a panic attack I share with them & I feel I’m stronger than my condition. I’m putting this out because I want all of you who fight anxiety everyday to be okay with it & not be ashamed of it.”

She added: “I went to a therapist in Sydney at the end of 2018 who told me that even though certain deficiencies contribute to my anxiety, it gets worse because I’m fearful of it. I decided that day to no longer be afraid of it or hide it from anybody at all.”

“In 2020 I can easily identify when my body starts to feel anxiety & more often than not I’m able to control it without any help. I drink a lot of water & I pray. Anybody reading this can have their own method or seek help from a therapist or a family member.” She concluded the note saying: “I want to tell you that even if you break down , you’re brave, even if you cry you’re not weak. Whoever you are I want you to know that every new day will be a better day. InshaAllah.”