Staying healthy and active is a right of every individual. Physical health is very important to consider in order to fulfil our routine tasks with accuracy but mental health unfortunately is ignored somehow by all of us. Mental health is the strongest determinant of a healthy and prosperous life with some direction of action. It is a matter of concern that we as a nation are ignoring our mental health and not only endangering our existence but also endangering our success as a nation.

Mental health distortion may take place due to numerous factors. It arises may be due to personal problems, may be due to societal criticism, body-shaming, bully, harassment or due to some sort of failure in life. Mental illness needs to be addressed on time with proper monitoring and analysis as the consequences of ignorance will affect you adversely. In Pakistan, students are pressurized to get A+ grade in each and every subject and this scenario let them feel occupied within the unbreakable chains of stress and fear.

What we have to do is to inculcate free-reign decision making abilities in our children with proper supervision and to pinpoint any sort of mental disturbance from the very start. Mental illness needs to be addressed at home first with proper negotiation and communication. Sometimes solutions of our issues are so near to us but just due to hesitation and lack of freedom of speech we may face a dilemma in this regard.