Don’t be totally worried about all the things happening around you.

At the beginning of your life when you are growing younger, problems start to enter your life, attacking on you unexpectedly in anyway. They follow you all the time, like a shadow, irritates you until you are down, making you depressed.

Problems are common to everyone but are different from person to person, don’t fear to them. When life is dragging you back with difficulties just imagine that it is going to launch you into something great. Every problem that comes in our life has some lesson for us all we must do is to understand that lesson.

Running from problems is useless because they will chase you till the end, you must face it. A winner is not who never fails but the one who never gives up. Move forward, your God will fight for you all you have to do is to show some belief in yourself. Have some patience and try to cope-up with your problems in a rational way.

When life gets hard, bow down before your God. He who kneels can stand before anyone. Don’t tell God about the storm of your life instead tell storm about your God, your faith will save you. Worrying will not solve your problems, have some patience, pray to your God about your problems and meanwhile thank Him for all the blessings he showered upon you. Today, if you are not doing anything, you will do nothing. You must do something so that you would do everything.