LAHORE - A real-estate agent on Thursday appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of police brutalities and provide justice to his family.  The latest victim of police torture Irshad Sindhu while addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Thursday said that he wanted to bring to the fore the cruelty and barbarity of the Punjab Police and some influential people unleashed on him. He told reporters that Haji Muhammad Shamim and his son Asad Shamim were interested in buying a plaza on Main Raiwind Road from him. They paid him token money and set a date when they were to make the whole payment that was due. The payment has not been made yet despite lapse of two years. He said that he had lodged a case in the Civil Court on February 28, 2018 for the payment.  The agent alleges that he was implicated in a false case of abduction by Lahore police. “I was picked up and taken to CIA Nawan Kot by DSP CIA Nawan Kot Saeed Anwar Kangra, Inspector Rana Mujahid, Sub Inspector Mazhar Iqbal and ASI Mian Zafar. Later, I was shifted to Asad Shamim’s house in Valencia Town where I was kept under house arrest for over a month,” he said. During this period, they allegedly snatched my properties and blackmailed my family besides extorting ransom from them. Later, they filed a false case (401/18) of my abduction in police station Sattu Katla. “On April 20, 2018 they made my arrest public on pressure from higher authorities and shifted me to CIA Centre Nawan Kot where sub inspector Mazhar Iqbal and others severely tortured me and kept getting my physical remand from ATC for 72 days.” Also, they lodged false cases against my brothers. They made me sign off my property in the name of Javed Aftab Mir under duress with handcuffs during the custody. When I refused to do so, they applied third degree torture on me and threatened me with killing. “I appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to provide us justice and bring the criminals to task who rendered me bankrupt,” he demanded. He also threatened that if he failed to get justice he will go on hunger-strike in front of the Punjab Assembly.