ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Thursday raised questions over the utility of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and underlined the need for revamping the institution which failed to deliver.

There are serious questions regarding performance of CII since religious segments have not received any guidance from the Council, Chaudhry said on Twitter.

He also questioned the logic of spending millions on an institution that had failed to deliver and underlined the need for its revamping.

Chaudhry expressed these views in the wake of CII’s observations regarding the laws related to accountability.

The Council, in a statement, had observed that several provisions of the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) were not only contradictory to the Constitution but were also un-Islamic.

The CII reviewed the NAO 1999 during its 217th two-day-long apex Committee meeting here in Islamabad and declared some Sections of the NAO, 1999, as un-Islamic.

Dr Qibla Ayaz, Chairman CII briefed the media after the meeting and  said that Sections 14-D, 15-A and 26 of the law were going against the Shariah.

“NAB law is not compatible with Islamic laws on crime and punishment,” Dr Ayaz said.

Section 14 of the NAO pertains to the presumption against accused accepting illegal gratification, Section 15 pertains to disqualification to contest elections or to hold public office and Section 26 pertains to the tender of pardon. He said that the Council was of the view that handcuffing suspects and airing footage of the arrest on media was un-Islamic.

In addition, the Council said that it was not the suspects responsibility to prove their guilt and keeping a suspect in custody for long periods without a case also went against Islamic principles of jurisprudence.

It said that plea bargains and turning of suspects into approvers is also against the Shariah.

Last month, the government made drastic changes in the accountability laws through a Presidential Ordinance.

In April last year, the Council had made similar observations while criticising the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and law-enforcement agencies for insulting suspects on the media before the conviction.

The CII also discussed the issue of force conversion and child sexual abuse in meeting and said that there is need to appoint psychiatrists at primary level schools for the counseling of children regarding sexual harassment and child sexual abuse.

It also suggested that special police station or at least a special cell should be established for stopping child sexual abuse in first phase.

It also recommended to be established the special courts for only hearings of Child Sexual Abuse cases in second phase.

The CII also said that force conversion is an un-Islamic act and against the Section 30 of Constitution of Pakistan.

The CII decided to call the representative minorities to get their input for taking steps how to control the force conversion in Pakistan.