LAHORE        -         Australia is facing disaster as huge swaths of the country continue to burn in of the largest bushfires ever seen on the continent. Celebrities are taking notice, and have been flooding social media with calls to donate and bring awareness.

The latest Pakistani actor to join in the effort is Ushna Shah, who took to her Instagram to bring awareness and encouraged her fans to donate.

She took to Instagram and wrote:  “Prayers are being answered and it is currently raining in parts of Austrailia/ however funds are required and will be required for rescue ad well as much painful rehabilitation of animals. Please continue helping: donating/praying. In the Australian bushfires, over half a billion animals have lost their lives to the most painful death: Being burnt alive.”

She continued: “What a devastating start to the new decade. This is one of the most heart-breaking tragedies to occur in my lifetime. Over 500 million animals/birds have lost their lives- this is not counting the ones in unimaginable pain from severe burns as well as the fatalities that will occur from injuries, dehydration, starvation and more fires (the outback is still very much ablaze). The internet is filled with images of charred animals, and the ones rescued have a fear in their eyes that should awaken us all.”

She added: “They feel pain, fear and loss exactly the way we do except they don’t have the means to help themselves. Many are citing climate change as the cause of the fires being the worst in decades however that’s another conversation. Right now prayers are of course needed but so are donations. This is our planet, it is on fire and it is our collective responsibility to contribute. Men and women are risking their lives to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, PLEASE help them.”