NUCLEAR scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said if the government doesn't take any step regarding his freedom, it is the duty of the people to come out on the streets to launch a protest against his incarceration. Talking in Waqt TV programme 'Mohsin-e-Pakistan Ki Rehai Tak', Dr Qadeer demanded of the government to let him live like a normal citizen as "it is my right". He said certain fake commitments were made with him and he was made a scapegoat in the nuclear trafficking issue. "The government should have coped with the international pressure instead of making me a scapegoat," Dr Qadeer said. Every government protects its national, but it's a pity that our government is doing the US bidding, he maintained. "Pakistan's atomic capability has ended the West's monopoly in the field of nuclear technology and to make Pakistan a nuclear power is being regarded as my fault," he said. He said those who used to kiss his hands and were ready to open the doors of his car in past, have now become Pharaohs. He said promises were made to him that he would be released, but the words were not honoured. He said restrictions imposed on him also added to the miseries of his family members. To a question, he said his friendship with SM Zafar, Ahsan Iqbal, Raja Zafarul Haq and Syed Mushahid Hussain was based on human relations and not on political basis. Dr Qadeer appreciated the Waqt TV role in highlighting his plight. He said media was not so much active on his issue before the programme 'Mohsin-e-Pakistan Ki Rehai Tak' by Waqt TV channel.