PESHAWAR - The political administration and jirga of Afridi tribes finally signed a peace agreement, under which the ongoing operation will come to an end and the curfew lifted, besides the arrested activists of the Lashkar-e-Islam will be released. Under the agreement there will be a complete ban on exhibition of weapons. The Lashkar-e-Islam would be no more a threat to the security of Peshawar. This was decided at a joint meeting of the Political Agent of Khyber Agency Tariq Hayat Khan and the 18-member jirga of Afridi tribesmen led by Amal Gul held at Khyber House here Wednesday. The meeting lasted seven hours where both the sides discussed all the points in detail and reached at a peace agreement. As per the truce, the Lashkar-e-Islam would be no more threat to Peshawar, the provincial capital of NWFP. The spokesman of the jirga Haji Shaukat has claimed that it was a written accord, under which the curfew would be lifted and the ongoing operation would be stopped. In addition, the LI arrested activists would be released. He further said that as per the truce, there would be a complete ban on display of arms in the Khyber Agency. Meanwhile, the Political Agent Tariq Hayat Khan while talking to The Nation was of the view that most of the conditions put forward by the government to the jirga have been accepted, adding the jirga had given surety of Rs 300 million to remain peaceful in the future. Not only this, under the peace accord, LI has been restricted from taking any action in Peshawar in future. Asking about the release of the arrested LI activists, the PA replied that it would be decided after reviewing the cases registered against them. Responding to a query regarding the halt of Bara operation, Tariq said that end of the operation would depend on the situation in the areas, and at this stage the security forces would remain in Khyber Agency. The PA Khyber Agency maintained that to implement the accord, another 13-member committee led by the APA Bara Khalid Kundi was also constituted adding that not a single condition came from the jirga side, while all the government's conditions had been accepted. However, he said that the jirga had requested the government to treat them as per the tribal traditions and norms. Agencies add: The agreement was signed by officials from the Khyber Agency administration and an 18-member group of tribal elders, who held talks with Lashkar-e-Islam leader Mangal Bagh a day earlier, an official said. "I can confirm that a peace agreement in Khyber has been signed by tribal elders and administration officials," Rahat Gul, an official of the Khyber administration said. A 13-member peace committee of tribal elders and Khyber administration officials has been formed to ensure the implementation of the pact which was signed in Peshawar, tribal elder Haji Shaukat Khan Afridi said. "It was assured to the government that Laskar-e-Islam has accepted the writ of the government in the area, after which the peace agreement was signed," Afridi said. The main market in Bara has been reopened since the agreement was signed and a curfew on the town lifted, he said. Moreover no interference in the smooth running of the government's affairs would be tolerated by any group or individual, said a one-page document released to the Press after day-long marathon peace talks held in Peshawar at historic Khyber House. The document titled 'Iqrar Nama' has been duly signed by the agency top administrator Capt (r) Tariq Hayat and elders of Afridi tribe Haji Shaukat and Haji Ahmed Gul. Talking to reporters after the talks, the Political Agent said that the talks were held in extremely peaceful atmosphere and in a transparent manner and there was no pressure whatsoever on the jirga of Afridi tribe to sign the pact. The jirga members representing all the sub tribes of Afridi tribe inked the deal in accordance with the tribal traditions, "Riwaj" and customs. The peace pact will exclusively dealt with maintenance of peace and harmony in Bara tehsil of the agency.