KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Central Naib Ameer Prof Ghaffor Ahmed has linked the series of bomb blasts in Karachi on Monday with the conspiracy to create ethnic violence and that the elements that are hatching such conspiracy are the part of government. This he stated in a press conference held Wednesday at JI Karachi office Idara-e-Noor Haq accompanied by PML-N Sindh acting Chief Saleem Zia, JUP leader Siddique Rathor, JI Karachi Chief Mohammad Hussain Mehanti and others. He announced that JI would hold APC and protest demonstration against the conspiracy of Karachi blasts on Thursday 10th July and Friday 11th July respectively. Referring to the general election on February 2008, he said that people had rejected Musharraf and his regime as a result of which he restrained himself from directly interfering in political process of the country"But after the assurance by the Richard Boucher, President Musharraf has started his activities in order to restore his damaged reputation among the masses of the country", he observed. He applauded the efforts of peoples of the metropolis who through their loyalty and passion's foiled the conspiracy of ethnic violence. Referring the Sindh Government and Sindh CM's decision to suspend the Policemen, he said that despite the government decision of suspending the policemen, there was little hope that the culprits behind the crops might be arrested. "Although the MQM is the coalition partner of PPP in Sindh Govt, but there is little homogeneity of policies; particularly about the present and future role of Musharraf", he added. He claimed that Asif Ali Zardari Co-Chairman PPP was practically ruling in the country and that Zardari's claim that he did not accept Musharraf as President was hollow since Rehman Malik, Ahmed Mukhtar and Salman Taseer had regarded Musharraf as 'the main pillar' of the country. Referring to City Nazim Mustafa Kamal's statement that the Taliban has penetrated the City along with heavy ammunition, he asked as to what the City Government was doing when the militants interned the City He pointed out that the foreign forces which were activated after the 1970's elections to disintegrate the country were once again active.