ISLAMABAD - Environment friendly fuel is now going out of reach of the people as different CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling stations ware selling it on their own rates while entirely ignoring the government fixed prices. If the hike in the prices of CNG would continue in the same velocity, it would be more than the prices of diesel and petrol and the people would start using petroleum products in their automobiles very soon which would damage the environment. People of the Capital have raised many concerns over the situation where prices of gas were seeing an upward trend they were getting no compensation. "This increase in prices of CNG is good as government would get more revenue but no one think about the common people who were already hand to mouth", Muhammad Adeel, an employee of the public sector, said. Because of this increase in the prices of CNG, public transporters also raised fare, Abdullah, a taxi driver, said, "I run my taxi on CNG and recent increase in the price of CNG nag me and all of those whose bread and butter is related to my profession." Nayyer Hussain, a customer of gas, noted that the government explore the natural gas from Pakistan then why the price of gas was running very high. Owner of CNG Irfan Malik said, "it is our right to increase the prices of gas as the expenses on supplying it had increased with the passage of time.    In 1992, an act was passed in which the authorities had said that the prices of CNG would be 51pc lower than petroleum prices. Talking to TheNation, vice chairman and spokesperson of All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) Ghyas Paracha, about the act said, this is right but actually the government wants to increase the prices of petrol by the end of December to Rs 104 per liter, that is why they increased the prices of gas. "We only increased 61 paisas on the CNG and all others are taxes, which were imposed in the budget by the government", he added. He also noted that government is planning to wind up CNG industry by the winters to provide more gas pressure to its domestic consumers and to other industries as well.