KARACHI - The heads of different domestic banks have expressed their serious concern over decline in the consumer financing and increase in the non-performing loans of the banks. The bankers raised this issue in a meeting with Finance Minister Syed Naveed Qamar in Karachi on Wednesday that lasted for 50 minutes. The State Bank of Pakistan had arranged this introductory meeting between the top bankers and the finance minister so that the bankers could candidly discuss the major issues being confronted by the banking sector in the country due to a variety of reasons. Sources privy to meeting said that the bankers discussed in detail the issues like macro-economic situation of banks, decline in consumer financing and rise in NPLs due to increase in mark-up driven by the tight monetary policy. "There was not certain agenda of the meeting, due to the presence of Finance Minister in the city; the central bank gathered the high ups of the leading bank to address the key issues and challenges being faced by the financial industry of Pakistan", sources told The Nation.   It is pertinent to mention here that the meeting took place at a very curious time when the exchange rate stability become main concern of the SBP. The meeting was held after a day when SBP took some specific measures to secure the free falling of the rupee against the US dollars and other major currencies in the local foreign exchange markets.    During the meeting, senior bankers invited the minister's attention over the weakening macro-economic fundamentals and adverse developments occurred at external front over a last two months due to growing fiscal and trade deficits. According to the sources, the timing of the meeting was important when the economy is passing through a very difficult phase as the country's current account deficit rose by 81 percent to historical level of 13 billion dollars during the current fiscal year mainly due to high trade and services deficit driven by rising oil and commodities' prices in the world market. The trade deficit of the country enlarged to an unbelievable mark of 18.756 billion dollars in first 11 months of FY08. Pak oil import bill soared by 10.09 billion dollars in 11 months of last fiscal against 6.63 billion in corresponding period of 2006-07.