ISLAMABAD - The shortage of flour once again hit the different parts of the federal capital as high prices prevailed in the city. The 20-kg flour bag is being sold from Rs 410 to Rs 430 against the ex-mill rate of Rs 375 per 20-kg bag. The city administration has fixed Rs 365 per 20-kg bag while the millers have been demanding that it should be fixed Rs 400 as the cost of wheat has increased. TheNation observed in different parts of the city that the shopkeeper were purchasing the flour by their own prices and there is no fixed rate in the market.   Nazir Khan, a shopkeeper at Bharakahu, said "We have not been supplied flour for two days so from where could bring it for customers." He said some traders had stored flour and they were now selling it in black. He further said unprecedented increase in price of basic food items would badly affect the common man. He complained that due to increase in prices of petroleum products, kitchen items' prices had also gone up. The salaried and working class demand that the government should control flour price, as they are already finding it hard to manage their household budget. Muhammad Ibraheem, a consumer at Aabpara Market, said that the flour rate is more than Rs 400 per 20 kg in the market and they are forced to purchase it for Rs 410 per 20-kg bag. On the other hand the flourmill association blamed the shopkeepers for the present shortage and increase in its prices. Talking to TheNation Muhammad Pervaiz, manager of a flourmill, said that the mills are supplying flour at ex-mill rate Rs 365 and the shopkeepers should sell it at Rs 375 in the open market   He said that this is the responsibility of government to maintain the government-regulated prices in the market. "We could not do any thing against it", he added. Although the utility stores have enhanced the prices of flour by Rs 65 which brought the prices at Rs 365 but still the atta is not available in the stores. Officials of utility stores said the millers had stopped flour supply to the stores because they had difference with the government over prices.