Karachi - The Board or Directors of HBL Asset Managcment Limited, the Management Company of HBL Income Fund, HBL Stock Fund, HBL Multi Asset Fund in its meeting held on July 5, 2008 declared final dividend for its funds for the year ended Junc 30, 2008. Thc Board approved final dividcnd of Rs. 2.40 pcr Unit for HBL Income Fund in the form of Bonus Unit Cur Class "A" and Class  "B" Units and Cash dividend of Rs, 2.40 per Unit Cor Class "c" Unit For the year ended June 30, 2008. The bonus Units will be  issucd at the Ex-dividend pricc of Rs 100.17 per Unit. Those Unit holdcrs who have opted for bonus Units will be eligible for 2.3959 Units for every 100 Units held. Thc Fund held  earlier paid interim dividend/ bonus of Rs. 6.80 per Unit in April 2008. The HBL Incomc fund has offered an annuulizcd  return of 9.28 percent (inclusive of dividcnd and appreciation in Unit price) for the year ended ,June 30, 2008.