KARACHI - Lack of space and computers in the IT group of offices causing slow pace of training of employees belonging to various departments of the CDGK. As per details, the employees are compelled to wait for their turn owing to the necessary space and equipments. Only one room, 20 computers and one instructor at the IT department of the CDGK head office is not enough to cater to maximum number of employees interested to get free training, sources told The Nation on Wednesday. They revealed that so far more then 850 employees have been imparted basic computer training and advance courses since the establishment of IT department seven years ago. The teachers of CDGK-run schools were the main focus of training as they were the principle source of spreading the IT education in the society at grass root level. These teachers proved much beneficial for the city government as they educate children enrolled in the pilot projects schools of CDGK, where they gets computer education form their early childhood and help to increase the computer literacy ratio at grass root level. It may be noted that Pilot School Projects of CDGK, funded by FPCCI, have set an example in the education sector that the local government schools could produce good results among the middle class and lower middle class segments of the society who were unable to get their kids admitted to the CDGK-run schools due to poor standard of education and environment. Besides doctors, nurses and paramedics of health department of CDGK-run hospitals, including Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH), also got IT training along with employees of the Work & Services department, Engineering department and others. DO Promotion Regulation & Management (PR&M) of the IT department, Syed Mushtaq Hussain Rizvi, when contacted said that IT training programme is only for the CDGK employees. The CDGK high ups envisaged that official working of the city government should be run on the lines of e-government at par with advanced countries but lack of space and necessary equipments are hampering this project. It may also be noted that CDGK has a number of buildings and offices where training centre could be established such as the multi-storey building of Liaqatabad Supper Market, Kashmir Road Offices and several other places where employees could be trained.