LAHORE - A former hockey world champion has approached the Supreme Court to seek implementation of the order passed by late prime minister Benazir Bhutto in 1994. Muhammad Shahbaz Junior, a former central forward of the national hockey team, is aggrieved of various governments since 1994 for not implementing the order passed by Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister of Pakistan in December 1994 to award the whole Pakistani squad, including the officials, one step promotion in their respective public and semi public jobs as reward for winning Pakistan the honour of World Hockey Champion in Sydney, Australia the same month. Shahbaz Junior, an Inspector in the Punjab police at the relevant time, failed to get any one-step promotion when others were awarded the due. The police department and the home department continued to deny him the promotion pleading that he has already been promoted out of the way to reach the present status of Inspector so his service cannot be put one step ahead. He moved the tribunal and the Lahore High Court to fight for his right inter alia contending that the prime minister order well spoke for promoting him as DSP from the position existed at the relevant time. At LHC his petition was disposed of in terms that the department should decide his case according to the law and he was again not considered for promotion. Against it he approached the Apex Court to claim his 14-year-old right. The Apex Court Bench of Justice Muhammad Akhtar Shabbir and Justice Syed Sakhi Hussain Bukhari Wednesday took hearing of the petition argued for Shahbaz by Dr Abdul Basit. The counsel highlighted background in which his client was kept away from the award as well as the legal ground supporting him the award. Dr Basit said the order had been passed not less a person than a prime minister but the same remained unimplemented, which was very astonishing. The prayer sought for himself by the petitioner put Justice Shabbir in a fix in view of a past experience he had had as a judge of the Lahore High Court. The learned judge recalled and said in a similar sort of case, he allowed award of one step promotion to a civil servant but despite utmost efforts of the court, the order could not be implemented mainly for the reason, those who were bypassed for promotion became rivals of the petitioner and did not let him get the award. The judge said he did not want be 'sentimental' about this case of similar nature. Dr Basit said at it that the office of the judge demanded of him to assert his authority and get the order implemented otherwise no use of the court. Who could dare refuse implementation of the Supreme Court order, the counsel said adding, the order was passed in the executive nature by the prime minister, who is top most functionary in the country, and if her order was flouted then what remains the value of orders passed by any other. He said had his client been awarded promotion as DSP in 1994, he would have passed to other ranks by now. Justice Shabbir said but the petitioner would face rivalry of those whom he would surpass. The Court in order to hear other points in the case, put hearing of the same to next week.