The mayor of some parts of Kabul speaks again Mr. Hamid Karzai, the puppet President of Afghanistan is often pitied at for being in the unenviable position he is in. He cannot walk beyond the gates of his residence and when he opens his mouth, it is to bite the hand that feeds him and his people. He should thank Pakistan for the gracious gift of food and all other commodities that we provide by way of aid or trade. On top of this, his tribesmen smuggle an equal amount to deprive the poor of our country. They also smuggle in to Pakistan dangerous drugs, lethal arms and illiterate, fanatical terrorists, not just from their own country but also from other Central Asian states. Mr Karzai, who had lived comfortably in Pakistani cities, enjoyed our hospitality, made money here and most of all enjoyed our protection from his enemies, is now hurling abuse and threatens at us? -HUSSAIN RIAZ, Lahore, July 1.