PESHAWAR - Al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups received a severe blow when their five leading commanders were killed recently in an encounter with the NATO troops in southern Afghanistan. Some highly reliable sources told TheNation that Abdullah Muhammad Al Abid from Al Jazairi (Algeria) was killed in Zabul along with other four associates, two Pakistanis, one from Uzbekistan and one from Afghanistan. Ahmad Sulaiman, an Al-Qaeda spokesman, has confirmed through an email that Abdullah Muhammad Al Abid, known as Shoaib Al Jazairi, has been killed in Zabul. He said that Shoaib Al Jazairi was one of the top military commanders of Al-Qaeda. The identity of the remaining killed militants has not yet been confirmed. However, the Al-Qaeda spokesman said that the relatives of the killed persons have been informed of their deaths. The current year seems to be very harmful for Al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups. Abdullah Kurdi in Kandahar and Abu Laith Al Libi in Wana were the top Al-Qaeda commanders who were killed this year, causing severe setback to Al Qaeda, particularly Osama bin Laden. However, Al-Qaeda commander for Afghanistan, Mustafa Abu Yazeed, according to the spokesman, has vowed to take revenge for the killed colleagues in near future. He called upon Al-Qaeda activists and their associates from other regions to continue their efforts for what he called 'supremacy of Islam'. It merits mentioning here that fierce fighting is going on for the last several days between the militants and the coalition forces in Zabul province of Afghanistan.