WASHINGTON: - A U.S. State Department spokesman Tuesday ignored suggestions about Pakistan's involvement in the bombing of Indian embassy in Kabul, saying Washington was cooperating with Pakistan in combating terrorism. "We continue to work with the Pakistani government to fight our common enemy, which is these terrorists, who are willing to kill anybody who gets in the way of the path, which is what they seek, which is instability and chaos so that they can prosper under that," Spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos  told the daily news briefing. He was responding to an Indian journalist who accused Pakistan of being responsible for the acts of terrorism in the region -- whether there is a military government or civilian one. But spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos reaffirmed Washington's commitment to the Pakistani people and democracy. "The Pakistani people have made their decision who their leaders will be, we stand behind them and we are working with them," he replied to a question in the context of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani's forthcoming visit to Washington and the U.S. policy on democracy in the country. Responding to another question, Gallegos said: "We believe that the Pakistani people have a right to make these decisions for themselves, we are going to engage with them, to allow them to do that, we are going to continue to combat the common enemy that we have with the Pakistani people and hopefully we march towards peace."