The PML (Q) has always maintained that by passing a resolution in the National Assembly, the judges should be restored. Many of the PML (Q) MNAs have time and again said they will support restoration. So a predominant majority is already with PML (N) on the issue of restoration. It is also obvious that majority of the PPP MNAs also want restoration of the judges. But lo and behold, now it looks as if even PML (N) does not want the restoration. With such a massive support in the nation, one fails to understand as to what is stopping PML (N) from moving a resolution in the National Assembly? If it does move such a resolution and is not supported by anyone, it would help expose those who say they want restoration but actually don't. As things stand, a lot of energy has already been wasted in a prolonged campaign for restoration. It has cost a lot of lives, caused a lot of financial loss to lawyers and litigants and a huge amount has already been spent on the campaign. Now the Chief Minister Punjab has said that the PPP may restore them according to their own agenda, which is the constitutional amendment. -A VOTER, Lahore, via e-mail, June 30.