ISLAMABAD (Online) - The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan on Friday declared the degrees of 7 more legislators including two Federal Ministers as fake. Federal Minister for Postal Services Mir Sanaullah Zehri and Federal Minister for Livestock Humayun Aziz Kurd's degrees are stated to be bogus. According to the HEC sources, the degrees obtained by the Parliamentarians from universities have been declared bogus by HEC and it has refused to accept these universities. The HEC has also declared four degrees issued by the Madrassas as bogus. These degrees were held by Abdul Samad Khan (MPA-Balochistan), Abdul Qayyum Khan (MPA-KP), Senator Jawad Hassan, Senator Wali Muhammad, Gulistan Khan (MPA-KP) and two Federal Ministers. It is pertinent to say that at one side, the flow of the fake degrees is continuing uninterrupted while on the other side members of the Assemblies are annoyed with the media over publication of reports about fake degrees. The sources in HEC told Online that 36 degrees of Parliamentarians had been issued by illegal universities. HEC had sent letters to the concerned universities for verification, however these universities had examined 10 degrees of the parliamentarians as yet among which 6 had been proved legal and four fake. The sources further said that the HEC had received back up to 92 degrees of the Parliamentarians after having been scrutinised by the concerned universities. Among them 13 degrees have been declared fake or bogus.