KARACHI - SSGC MD Dr Faizullah Abbasi has said that around 8pc Unaccounted for Gas (UFG) is incurring loss of Rs 3 billion to company. He was talking to the media gathering at his office here on Friday. Abbasi said that Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has kept a very strict benchmark of 5 percent for UFG and the SSGC has to pay around Rs 3 billion for penalty that is a big amount. He said that the fifty years old pipelines and theft are potential sources of UFG. For the last five months I have focused on UFG and we have divided our network into three zones including the West, the Central and the East. In each zone an operational unit has been established that will be regulated by an in charge for the reconciliation of the purchases and sales, he added. He said that UFG in Karachi is about 41pc of the total 8pc while 33 percent of Sindh and 29pc of Balochistan.