LONDON The Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL) Friday condemned the Punjab Assemblys resolution against media and termed it as an unacceptable and unfortunate development for the future of democracy in the country. In a statement, APL Chairman Barrister Amjad Malik said any attempt to curb free press and citizens right to information could be contested in the courts besides the public and international forums. APL endorses and encourages freedom of expression and tolerance as enshrined in Pakistans 1973 Constitution and considers the right of people of free speech as inalienable, the statement said. Malik said, We had supported the journalists when they were under threat during the post 9th of March 2007 period and in particular after the imposition of emergency on November 3, 2007, and we reiterate our stand and upholds our tradition and values of supporting a free press and electronic media in Pakistan today. We strongly support the rights of free media and the protection of journalists in Pakistan, who are doing a great job in difficult circumstances keeping people informed when electricity is off most of the time, and exposing politicians who can tell lies in their oath and use 'fake credentials to get elected. Condemned the aggression towards media, he hoped that the relevant authorities would take appropriate action against the involved persons and provide security to the media men. He also urged the media anchors to show restraint and responsibility whilst discussing matters of very sensitive nature, saying impartiality must be maintained, as the journalists job was to show mirror to the society, not the picture of their own choice.