ISLAMABAD A US-based female photographer whose name has been blacklisted by the Interior Ministry since 2003 for her alleged suspicious and covert activities in Quetta is using pressure tactics to get visa again through foreign media organisations for which she is working. As a matter of fact the Interior Ministry has not excluded her name from the list as yet since intelligence as well as law-enforcement agencies have not cleared her name. It is pertinent to mention here that the Interior Ministry only brings changes in that list on the recommendation of these agencies. The US-based photographer managed to write two letters to get visa and get her name off the blacklist. Of the two letters, one was written on behalf of The NewYork Times Magazine to the Federal Interior Minister and the other was written by Newsweek addressed to the DG, External Publicity Wing, Islamabad of Press Information Department. The letter written to Federal Interior Minister, Rehmen Malik on May 26 on behalf of Director Photography of The NewYork Times Magazine says that Ms Katherine Brooks, an American Photographer, should be allowed to work in Pakistan under the same rules and conditions that apply to all foreign journalists. The letter says that Katherine Brooks, whose name is on a blacklist since 2003 with regard to an incident that occurred in Quetta when she was on an assignment there for The New York Times Magazine. The Interior Ministry sources disclosed that the name of the woman photographer was put on the blacklist on the information of intelligence agencies when she visited the restricted areas of Balochistan where according to her visa she was not allowed to go. The sources said that initially her activities were monitored by intelligence and law agencies and it is after the confirmation of the questionable activities of Brooks that her name was put on the list. Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, in the letter has requested the Interior Minister saying, We believe that Ms Brooks inclusion in the blacklist is not warranted, and we kindly request that her name be removed from it as soon as possible...Ms Brooks was a resident journalist at that time, and had the proper authorisation to be in Quetta. The letter also said that last year she was able to enter Pakistan to photograph President Zardari for The New York Times Magazine. The other letter that was written by Director of Photography, Newsweek magazine, Simon Barnett addressing Ghulam Hazoor Bajwa, DG, External Publicity Wing of PID on November 12 of last year requested the concerned department for assistance in obtaining an all country visa for the period of 2010-11 for photographer Katherine Brooks. According to the sources, the photographer managed to write that letter on behalf of Newsweek to PID as her entitlement in the department was in the name of that magazine. Ms Brooks could not get visa for the required time period as Ministry of Interior through letter number 11/145/2003-Poll (1) dated April 21, 2010 informed the concerned department that the journalist would remain on the blacklist and she be advised to leave the country within seven days. However, the letter written on behalf of Newsweek has mentioned two passports of Katherine Myra Brooks saying that as 'Katherines passport is due to expire in May (Expiry on May 21,2010of US Passport no 444688046), we would be most grateful if you could issue the corresponding visa to new US Passport number 712175501. It is not understandable, however, how the photographer was issued new passport by the US authorities when the due expiry of the previous passport was far behind more than 6 months in November 2009.