ISLAMABAD (PPI) - The Private Sector of South Asia has identified Visa, as one of the major hurdle in promoting intra-SAARC Tourism. Annisul Huq, President, SAARC CCI, Tariq Sayeed, immediate Past President, SAARC CCI, Kosala Wikramanaekay, President, FCCI, Sri Lanka have demanded of the South Asian Governments to revisit Visa policies and urged for flexible Visa regime to promote Tourism in South Asia. To discuss issues and problems face by South Asian Countries towards promoting Tourism activities in the region, the SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SAARC CCI) organized one day Regional Consultation on Tourism Potential in South Asia on 8th July 2010 at Colombo, Sri Lanka. The extensive discussions were held on various issues, impeding the growth of Tourism promotion in South Asia, as follows: Security and visa related problem, infrastructure & transportation, hotel and hospitality industry, Government Policies, political and bureaucratic hurdles and policy regulations. The Presentations were made by resources persons from SAARC Countries identifying the needs for corrections by Governments of SAARC to give acceleration to economic integration of the region led by Private Sector. Iqbal Tabish, Secretary General, SAARC CCI and Mr. Shahrukh Malik, Vice Chairman, SAARC CCCI Council for Young Entrepreneurs Forum addressed the Conference along with prominent speakers from the region. The Conference concluded with adoption of set of policy proposals as follows: Flexible Visa regime need to be ensured by all Member States in South Asia Issuance of Multiple Visa for at least six months; Travel Visa card on the pattern of APEC can be introduced in South Asian Region. This may be started from issuance of Visas to Business community and later on can be extended for socio-cultural activities. More exchange of socio-cultural and educational delegations within the region: Physical connectivity by improving rail, road, sea and Air, Infrastructure Development & Transportation, Signing and implementation of Motor Vehicle Agreement in SAARC Members stated in a phase manner, Adoption of open sky policy- flight operations between capital cities and two major cities of each South Asian countries. Encourage and promote Pro-poor Tourism, which may lead to promote religious tourism in the region, Launch of dedicated Website for promotion of Tourism in South Asia, Inclusion of Private Sector in Tourism Forum, functioning under SAARC, Preparation of Strategy to unleash the untapped potential, Declare 2010-2010 as decade for Tourism promotion in South Asia. Consistent Public-private dialogue to address the challenges; Research-based study on Potential of Tourism in South Asia to evolve a doable strategic Plan, Improvement in cross-border linkages particularly in bordering areas, Tourism related information need to be included in the curriculum at Primary and Secondary level, Enhance Role of Media to project Positive activities in the South Asia, Exchange of audio-visual programs to promote people-to-people contacts. A seven member delegation led by Tariq Sayeed, Former President SAARC CCI, comprises of Zubair Tufail, Life Member, SAARC CCI, Shahzada Alam, EC & Life Member, SAARC CCI, Chaudhry Ashgar, Life Member, SAARC CCI, Mr & Mrs Shahrukh Malik, Life Member, SAARC CCI, Iqbal Tabish, Secretary General, SAARC CCI, Tariq Mehmood, Vice President, Attock Chamber of Commerce & Industry visited Sri Lanka to attend this conference.