LAHORE/KARACHI - Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) has claimed that flour will be disappeared from the market within two days due to millers strike against the ban on Punjab wheat and flour by the Sindh Food Minister Nadir Magsi. They said that about 1,060 flourmills in the county halted the grinding on Thursday in protest against the ban. Addressing a press conference at Punjab Flour Mills Association office on Friday, PFMA chairman Iqbal Daud announced that about 1060 flourmills halted the grinding yesterday following the announcement of strike by PFMA on 8th July. Talking on the occasion, Iqbal Daud said that federal government and provincial governments have so far given their deaf ear to millers requests of taking action against Sindh Food Minister and FC because the political agents were pocketing money on the entry of any wheat or flour loaded trucks entry in Sindh. He added that Balochsitan was also suffering due to the ongoing ban as it had to receive wheat through Sindh. Responding to a question a miller said that they went on strike just against the political agents of Sindh and FC, saying Nadir Magsi and a Brigadier Sajjad of FC were collecting money. Responding to another question Daud said that flour millers wanted the continuity of a chain through which the eaters of all the provinces are being provided with the flour. Daud said that government should not impose the burden of turnover tax on the flour as it directly affects millers and eaters. At the end of the press conference, PFMA chairman Muhammad Iqbal Daud said that strike would remain continue till the end of the ban on Punjab wheat. Sufi Bilal said that rate of flour in Blochistan has increased due to the ban on wheat. While sources privy to the Punjab Food Department alleged a game could be on for increasing the rate of flour in the coming Ramzan. Meanwhile, all the flour mills remained shut in Sindh province on second day Friday against unofficial ban imposed by Sindh Food Department on arrival of wheat from Punjab. The Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) had announced an indefinite protest strike from Thursday, saying that the Sindh food department is hampering the flow of wheat from Punjab. The majority of the flour mills remained shut in Sindh against the hurdles in supply to Sindh and export of the commodity to Afghanistan. PFMA alleged that the private force formed by Sindh Food Minister Mir Nadir Magsi was forcing them to pay bribes for the smooth supply of wheat from Punjab to Balochistan. They also warned that PFMA would hold countrywide strikes from July 18 if its demands were not met. Meanwhile, a senior of official of Sindh Food Department told The Nation that Sindh province was in surplus in wheat production, so it has no need of further wheat from the other provinces. Due to strike of flour mills, the city may face flour shortage in next few days as grinding of wheat into flour has been suspended by mills.