The inefficiency, stretched to the point of incapacity, of Pakistan Police undermines efforts of the force to be an active agent in the fight against terrorism. The Police is outnumbered given the challenge they face, as we have only about 350,000 police men for a population of around 172 million. That works out to a ratio of 1 policeman per 477 citizens. The recent attacks in Lahore indicate that a security lapse did occur when the attackers managed to penetrate inside Data Darbar. But the police has a defence; the police officials say they are far too burdened with additional responsibilities and no police force is devised for counter terrorism. Their primary mandate is always, and still remains, maintaining the domestic law and order. It is vital that Police is trained on modern lines so that they can effectively counter the threat of terrorism. The investigation department needs to be upgraded as many suspected terrorists have been acquitted on the pretext of lack of evidence. Such reforms are needed to make the police force a strong, vibrant and politically impartial institution. -SADIA HUSSAIN, Islamabad, July 8.