LAHORE - Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Sharif Friday asked Data Darbar authorities to affix at some safe high place in the Darbar the floor tile which has carved the word Ya Allah miraculously during the suicide blasts at Data Darbar on July 1 last. A citizen, Ghulam Nabi Shah has moved a petition that on the day of occurrence, Ya Allah was carved on the tile without any visible help and the same is in the possession of Director Auqaf while the fact is it was a public property so it may be allowed for public gaze either by placing it in Islamic relics museum of Badshahi Masjid or the Darbar. The court called for the production of the tile, which clearly displayed the word Ya Allah. The court handed over the tile to the Administrator with directives to look into the matter through a committee however, the CJ desired the same should be place at high place in the Darbar premises.