ISLAMABAD Completely rejecting the impression of bringing media under some checks, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that following the return of democracy all major institutions like Parliament, judiciary and media are undergoing a learning process and readjusting themselves in the system and the scepticism against one another will be over when they would come out of this transitional phase. The Prime Minister expressed these views while talking to media persons after having briefing at the Ministry of Finance on Friday afternoon when his attention was drawn towards the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly against the media. To another question, Premier informed that he had directed the Ministry of Finance to ensure automatic payment for all public sector development projects (PSDP) and initiate only those projects that directly benefit the people. The PM also assured relief to the most vulnerable sections of the society and further directed Ministry of Finance to keep in mind the regional balance while allocation of funds. He said funds for all those projects that were completed up to 70 percent would be completed on priority, while the Government would avoid groundbreaking ceremonies so as to undertake only those projects, which were vital. The Prime Minister claimed that the Government was achieving its targets despite economic constraints. The implementation on 18th Amendments has begun, funds have been released to provinces in the head of royalty; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab have received Rs 25 billion and Rs 5 billion respectively from profit of hydel power and Rs 1 billion went to Balochistan for gas royalty as well as Rs 300 million in the head of receipts to Sindh, he pointed out. Gilani mentioned the cut on the salaries of the Cabinet members and freezing of funds of the President House, Prime Minister Secretariat and the PM House. The Prime Minister also mentioned that on his initiative the Auditor General had completed the audit for year 2008-09 and pointed if there were some discrepancies, these would be removed. To a question about the Rs 243 billion bailout package for the Pakistan Steel Mills and diversion of these funds for public welfare projects, Gilani said the Cabinet had directed the Ministry of Finance for its restructuring. However, he added that the decision of Steel Mills privatisation was yet to be made. About the inflationary tendencies, the Prime Minister said the Benazir Income Support Programme was being run in a transparent and efficient manner and was following the poverty survey to ensure that the real needy get the money. Prime Minister Gilani when asked about the timing of the national conference to evolve a strategy to counter extremism and terrorism said the Government was sincere in convening it at the earliest and pointed the unprecedented high-level briefings by DG ISI to the parliamentary committee. He added it reflected Governments commitment to ensure supremacy of the Parliament. Gilani said the Government wanted to utilise the national money transparently on projects across the country in all areas. Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh in his brief remarks said fiscal discipline was at the centrepiece of Governments policies. The Prime Minister said a committee of five ministers had been set up to review and report the issue of sugar price and its demand and supply situation to the next meeting of the ECC. He said the Government would ensure that the commodity was available at reasonable price. Regarding the strike on the issue of water distribution, Gilani said a meeting would be called next week to resolve the matter.