LAHORE The Punjab Assembly created history by becoming the first elected House to have passed slanderous resolution unanimously with all parties in attendance condemning the media across the board, which was done a day after its members had already delivered spiteful speeches declaring judges, generals and journalists as an unholy alliance bent upon derailing democracy and unsettling the incumbent democratic dispensation. As per Assembly rules of procedure 124, once a resolution is unanimously passed, then no speeches are made by the members, but the canon was violated when Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal allowed the MPAs to go bananas again, and they went to the extent uttering slanderous remarks in a bid to what they deemed 'positive criticism. Secondly, according to a senior MPA privy to the course of action, when the business committee was finalising the resolution in Speakers chamber, it was repeatedly taken to a top leader - present in the Assembly premises - for vetting it and the final draft was approved by him. Interestingly, the judges and Generals were not subjected to the diatribe as on Wednesday last when the MPAs had alleged the judges and Generals as well for conspiring against democracy. The journalists, judges and Generals were declared part of an unholy alliance, but media was singled out on Friday. On Thursday last, apparently Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharifs statement on the floor of the Assembly seemed to have settled the issue, but on Friday, while the CM was present in his chamber, his partyman Sana Ullah Khan Mastikhel read to the House a resolution against the media, which made the journalists boycott the Assembly proceedings. They resorted to protest against the government, especially the PML-N, and raised slogans. When Shahbaz Sharif left the Assembly, journalists again started sloganeering against him as well. Later, four MPAs - Q-Leagues defector Waris Kalu, Ns Ch Nadeem Khadim, PPPs Shayyan Malik and PML-Ns Muhammad Khurram Gulfam - shouted insults, hurled abuses and attacked the protesting journalists. However, a few mediamen and Assembly security tried to stop the enraged MPAs, who could only be deterred after their repeated failed attempts. Also, mover of the resolution Mastikhel came out, surrounded by Assembly security, and tried to provoke the journalists by uttering slanderous statements, but the mediamen controlled their tempers. On this occasion, the police had been called inside the Assembly premises, and more could be seen gathering outside. Earlier, after smooth Question Hour on the Home Department, Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal, while suspending the rules of business and setting aside the remaining agenda of the day containing five bills of important nature, allowed Mastikhel to present the controversial resolution, which stated: This session of the Punjab Assembly shows its concern over irresponsible propaganda being hatched against democratic institutions, political leaders and elected members in some parts of the media in the recent past and is of the opinion that this adverse propaganda may prove consequential for the future of democracy as well as the supremacy of the constitution and the law. All the elected members in the house unanimously condemn this uncalled for propaganda campaign against democratic institutions, public representatives and demand of the media organizations that they should refrain from presenting baseless, insulting, irresponsible and ill-researched programs about the democratic institutions, public representative and political leaders in the larger interest of the country and the nation. This House earnestly believes that some television channels have been involved in presenting video footages of honourable women parliamentarians with immoral Indian music in the background, which is the worst example of irresponsible journalism as well as distortion of moral and eastern values, and this act is highly condemnable. This House also demands of these channels to adopt responsible attitude vis-a-vis broadcasting objectionable programmes about the honourable women parliamentarians of the nation. This House also acknowledges the role and sacrifices of the mediamen, who believe in responsible and unbiased journalism, and pays them homage for their services to the nation. However, this House demands the upholders of responsible and free press that they should come forward and play their role in discouraging the tendency of character assassination of political as well as non-political personalities through irresponsible reporting by certain media men in their vested interests and fulfilment of their nefarious designs. This session of the House shows its concern over the use of condemnable language and material during comments on national political figures and discriminations on regional and party affiliation. This session of the Punjab Assembly demands the government to constitute committee comprising parliamentarian and the media representative to take cognisance of the situation and submit its recommendations. At that time, five Q-Leaguers were present in the house, while PML-N members were in majority followed by PPPs members, and Q-League detractors. Tabling of the resolution and subsequently its unanimous passage shocked the journalists, who immediately vacated the Press Gallery as a protest, while the 'honourable MPAs started shouting at the reporters Shame, Shame; Let them go. This irresponsible behaviour on the part of public representatives, naturally, enraged the journalist community, who came down stairs and staged a strong protest outside the Assembly. They termed it a shameless attack on the independent media and demanded for withdrawal of the said resolution. The Speaker, giving cold shoulders to journalists, continued the proceedings and allowed the members to speak. Emotionally charged PPPs MPA Nazim Hussain said, They (mediamen) are blackmailers; I repeat it, they are blackmailers of no degree. They are nobody to object to our fake degrees. I will not tolerate it and we are here to be respected and we have the mandate of the people; I will not let it down and only over my dead body, they can do it. He vowed to claim damages and bring a privilege motion against the journalist community. I request all my colleagues not to pardon them (journalists). We get votes not because of the media but due to our good character. Who are they to control us? he quizzed. Q-Leagues defector Sheikh Ala-ud-Din endorsed Nazims stance while adding that Nawa-i-Waqt, Dawn, Jang were not that biased in comparison to 'Express and 'The News. We dont have any personal or blood feud so we must avoid confrontation, he said. Naming some TV anchors and senior journalists, he said, They always resort to mud-slinging, which will ultimately lead to a clash of democratic institutions. The media must prove the allegations it levelled against the politicians, parliamentarians. I admit that we also have some demerits, but we also know, how they (journalists) have become so wealthy, he added, while promising to expose media persons. Mastikhel wanted that politicians alone should not be subjected to accountability, but the judges, Generals and journalists also. PPPs Shaukat Basra, while felicitating the house for the resolution, said, Shukar hai Kufr toota Khuda Khuda Kar Ke (thank God, the moment of truth has arrived at last). While naming some anchors, he urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice against journalists misguiding the society through their corrupt practices. Oppositions Seemal Kamran, PML-Ns Maj. (R) Abdur Rehman Rana and Nadeem Khadim also spoke.